Thursday, 27 October 2016

Tips for Visual Enhancement of Bed

Bedroom is your personal space but you wouldn’t want your room to look like it is stuffed with extra items or your bed size isn’t that appropriate for the room. Especially, when you want the bed to look bigger than its actual size and you don’t find any practical reason to buy the larger bad, there are some tricks that you can do bring a visualization of your desire. Human behavior has deep influence from colors and shades of light, and it is good enough reason to justify a little hard work done on visual aspects of the bedroom. Hence, this visual enhancement isn’t only to entertain the visitors but it is more about your own satisfaction.

Below are some ideas that explain this aspect of interior decoration.
  • Playing with different colors sounds fun but we are here for visual extension which can’t happen if you are using bed sheets of  multiple and diverse colors. The best option here is to use the bed fabrics with color combination containing white and other lighter colors.
  • Since we are talking about extending the bed space from visual perspective, it would be unwise to place too many pillows on the bed. Having too many pillows around sounds cozy but there are other ways too, beside pillows, to create coziness. Make sure that your twin bed has no more than two big and two small pillows.
  • A headboard of bigger size is an excellent idea to enhance the bed size. As a matter of fact, headboard tends to fill the void in overall coziness that would have left due to less number of pillows. To extend this visual extension at further level, you can hand a bigger paint work (which should be lesser wide than the width of your bed).
  • A bench of appropriate design and size can be placed at the feet side of the bed. In fact, this bench is a practical movable extension that can be used during day time when you host your close acquaintances in your bedroom. At night, this bed extension provides service to the tall folks.
  • Accessories and artwork are great to give room more design but they occupy space. One better alternate to placing loads of accessories is to use faux panels. You can either create a faux brick wall or a stone paneled wall.
  • Make sure that you are not sharing your bed with the pets. Pets, especially dogs, tend to occupy great space either by spreading all four legs or by sitting right in the middle of the bed. Furthermore, the untidy activities of pets can ruin the cleanliness and hygiene of the room.
  • Final tip; don’t place a TV set in the room. TV usually invites viewers and you might not be able to resist the entrance. This could make your room a crowded place. Another disadvantage of have television is that it will keep you awake for late night, affecting your routine and health badly.